Monday, March 17, 2008

My opening post

Hey we have started!

I've been taught to draw

Flat on white notepaper

Graduations of thin to thick

Lines straight

My neck is on a cord

There are masters who draw bamboo with sure quick curving strokes

I drive on a street that runs flat from dawn to sunset

A city planners grid east to west for the workers

Blinded by the sun in the morning and again on return at night

Because progress is a direction

Forward even if it seems we go back and forth

I call it bad road layout

You need those curves to preserve your vision

A big ball of twine is what I want

A tangle of sheltering lines

No direction only a center spot in the shade

© 2008 Audri Phillips

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Andie said...

Thank you, Audri. For more drawing inspiration, check this out: