Monday, May 5, 2008

Group Portfolio - DEADLINE May 18

BIO UPDATES – I have VERY few bios and photos from the group and we can't design and finalize LA ArtLab's latest group portfolio without them. Please, please, please submit this info by the next meeting, Sunday, May 18th. We want to be able to contact galleries at will and we need to be able to show them what we're about.

For the Bio:
  • 80-150 words per bio (ideal - if you run a bit over it's OK, but try not to run more than 30 words over and 20 words under)
  • For those who've previously supplied bios, take a look at yours (sent 2x previously via email attachment) - and update the info based on where you are at now with your art.
  • Bio text should be written in 3rd person to be consistent (no use of "I" - Write as if someone else were writing about you)
  • Please edit or add text accordingly. I can work with you to finesse the writing (if needed and upon request), but you'll need to supply the basic ideas and info.
  • For anyone else who wants to be in the group portfolio, please provide us with your bio.
  • Contact me with any questions (

  • Submit 3-5 images of your work
  • Images should be 300 DPI and 5 inches in width or height
  • If images are too large to email you can bring a CD to the next meeting or contact Andie directly for advice/assistance (
- Jill

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