Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Notes from May 4 Meeting

Jill spoke about the need to get our bios and art portfolios together.

Locations for our next show were suggested. Group ideas for the "Things that are Disappearing" show were talked about.
One idea was to put up images of favorite people such as Bush and Cheney with markers next to them that could be used to cross out the images- darts could be provided as well. Other images of disappearing species could also be hung and the opportunity for people to write or recite homages to them could be provided. Sound tracks could also be created of that which is disappearing from our planet to be played at the show.

We discussed the show to be held at the laundromat.
A quote from an Andy Warhol's autobiography was discussed as a possible name for the show- further research into the exact quote needed-
"To be clean is to be beautiful"
Suggestions were made for performance type art for the show such as 1.dramas acted out between 2 lovers, family members etc. 2. All manner of objects being pulled out of a washing machine. 3. Spoken word readings 4. Displays of interesting clothing items. 5. Undressing down to a body suit with writing on it and putting all of your clothing into the washing machine-

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